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In the most awkward situations we are able to run our system right through the front door with protections in place to limit mess and stress.                                                                                 

With our 95mm Grundomat we are able to install 100mm drive piles in the most difficult to reach places. This make our system of piling the most efficient for restricted access piled foundations.                                                                                 


In certain circumstances heave in the ground can be an issue do to trees and ground conditions. If this is an issue no problem we can provide heave protections for swelling and shrinkage in the ground.                                                                               



Steel reinforced ring beams can be built on site to ensure absolute accuracy and customisation to suit each clients personal requirements.


 All materials are kept on site meaning that every job can be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our structural engineer can provide calculations and plans to meet all building regulations.                                                                               


RC35 in situ concrete can be cast in place and vibrated throughout the ground beam to leave a rock solid foundation ready for construction to take place.                                                                                  

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